Interactive role play simulations for communication skills training in virtual reality

By using our VR training system, companies:

  • Decrease adaptation period by 40%
  • Increase revenue on the product line by 8%
  • Increase service level by 32%

Field of application

Any company with in-person customer service can use our solutions to improve business efficiency. First of all, our service will be useful for

Financial organizations

Ensuring  standards of training for the whole geographical presence of the company


Making your employees more effective for a shorter period of time.


Making seamless transition from training environment to real-life working situations


Easy control over VR training scenarios

Provide on-hands skill training on the demand with standardized results.

Increasing business results

Seamlessly integrate new employees from learning to real-world working environment.

Automated training

Increase effectiveness of learning process by saving time and costs per employee.

Transparent training results

Keep simulation scenarios unique for your organization inside the pre-designed VR modules.


By using our system our clients seeing a measurable impact on employee business results.


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service level



Integration process

Step 1

No matter position, our platform allows to train skills needed for the job at any time of employee life in the company.

Step 2

Our modules allow to pass accurate and effective training for the tasks that employees face every day.

Step 3

After each modules, you will receive results on employee performance in our web panel.
While in simulation, our VR system provides real-time feedback that corrects learner on the way to perform task.

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